3 Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities in Pasadena

Pasadena’s plentiful sunshine and moderate temperatures mean that enjoying the outdoors is simple all year long. Here are three outdoor activities in Pasadena that will be fun for the whole family. 

1. Explore Arlington Garden

Arlington Garden is a community-supported garden that is perfect for a day of exploring with the family. Whether you’re perusing the oak grove, wandering through the meticulously curated desert garden, or getting lost in the citrus grove, a day trip to Arlington Garden is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Pasadena’s fresh air and bountiful sunshine while learning about horticultural importance and wildlife conservation. This three-acre oasis is Pasadena’s only dedicated public garden and welcomes families and pets. Arlington Garden has been a staple in Pasadena for fifteen years.

2. Play at Kidspace Children’s Museum 

Kidspace Children’s Museum is a nonprofit museum devoted to encouraging learning by engaging with children through play. This joyful location teaches kids at a young age that learning can be fun and instills children with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Playful learning engages children’s gross and fine motor skills while inspiring creative thinking and problem-solving skills. There are many ways for children to get a hands-on learning experience at Kidspace Children’s Museum, which offers numerous programs, classes, and camps. 

3. Relax with Outdoor Yoga

To find your zen, consider spending an afternoon stretching your horizons with a session of yoga. Local yoga studio Tara Yoga is incorporating outdoor classes into its schedule, including Kids Yoga and Little Warriors classes. If you prefer a self-led practice, consider grabbing a patch of parkland, rolling out the yoga mats, and having a family yoga session at your leisure. Either way, yoga has been proven beneficial for both children and adults by improving gross motor skills, flexibility, and strength. Additionally, yoga has a myriad of mental and emotional health benefits that are excellent for all ages. By increasing body awareness, children and adults will both begin to feel more comfortable in their skin. Yoga has been shown to increase focus, relieve stress, and calm the central nervous system. If you or someone in your family needs help self-soothing, yoga is an incredible tool to add to your repertoire. 

When you live somewhere as picturesque as Pasadena, it’s simple to spend time outdoors with your family. If you’re interested in learning more about homes for sale in Pasadena, contact Susan & Bradley Mohr today for more information. 


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