Exploring Pasadena's Local Cuisine and Food Scene

Exploring Pasadena's Local Cuisine and Food Scene

In the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles lies the welcoming Southern California city of Pasadena. Known for its pleasant residential neighborhoods and rich cultural diversity, it should come as no surprise that Pasadena is also home to a vibrant restaurant scene. Residents of Pasadena can delight in cuisines from every corner of the world in a landscape lush with luxury dining opportunities. You can find a gourmet meal for any palate and enjoy dinner from a different restaurant every night.

There are over 650 restaurants in Pasadena, from walk-in lunch spots to exquisite fine dining below glittering chandeliers. As a local expert in the Pasadena community, real estate agent Bradley Mohr can provide more than a few pointers on how to live a superb lifestyle, including the best restaurants Pasadena offers. Explore Pasadena restaurants, culinary experiences, and local flavors.

The Arbour

There's no denying California has developed a unique and refined cuisine that stands out. You'll find the best California cuisine at The Arbour in the heart of Pasadena, a perfect blend of fine dining and comfort food. Walking through the door, you will be delighted with the unique blend of polished brass and dark wood. The vibe is a warm combination of bar, brickwork, and fine dining, with a superbly diverse menu. Here, you will find a mix of seafood, rare steak, gourmet salads, and buttery appetizers in classic California styles.

Parkway Grill

Of the half-dozen fine steakhouses in Pasadena, the Parkway Grill is one of the best. The menu focuses on exquisitely prepared meals in astounding portion sizes, from enormous steaks to entire fish. Miraculously, each plate is a work of art, revealing the chefs as artists in the kitchen. However, it's their desserts that will genuinely leave you awed by each sculptural masterpiece.

The dining area combines brick and exposed beams with beautifully set tables and candlelit elegance. There are several dining rooms, and with a reservation, Parkway Grill can host large groups in fantastic style.


If you're looking for some of the finest sushi in California, you must stop by Osawa. The restaurant centers on freshly prepared sushi served at a classic sushi bar where you can watch each chef prepare your sashimi and rolls through an elegant glass display. Osawa serves both select bites and truly spectacular sushi meals to share. You can also order classic Japanese small plates, including salads, bento, and impossibly fresh seafood appetizers for the table.

Osawa is an airy restaurant with blond wood furnishings in dark and warm cream finishes. The restaurant is separated by squared columns, marking the space between the sushi bar and table seating.


No restaurant scene is complete without an authentic Italian fine-dining restaurant. In Pasadena, that spot is proudly held by Gale's. In true California style, Gale's Italian restaurant blends formal elegance with a sunny, casual vibe. The dining room is lit with spindly chandeliers and industrial lamps, while the walls bring the natural decor of brickwork and paintings on plaster. The interior feels cozy and comfortable, but you can also find a table on the breezy terrace and dine while fairy lights glitter overhead.

The menu is precisely what you would expect, running the gamut from light salads to heady lasagna, with every classic Italian dish in between. Everyone will find something to love about Gale's, from children dipping their bread in garlic butter to adults sipping wine from silver-stemmed goblets.

Maestro Restaurant

Maestro Restaurant is home to stylish Mexican cuisine and a Mezcal bar. It's no surprise that Maestro Restaurant is a hotspot for Pasadena's dinner scene. You will find distinctly West Coast Mexican cuisine with strong California influences here. The menu is full of personality and flavor, including seafood and salad options rarely seen on inland menus.

The vibe is cozy with long, shared booth tables and spacious dining on the outdoor terrace. The bar is also a well-known feature, with delicious Mezcal cocktails available until the restaurant closes at 10 p.m. People from all over Pasadena and beyond come for the food but stay for the fantastic libations.

Malbec Argentinian Cuisine

If you're looking for something a little more exotic, explore the Malbec Argentinian Cuisine. Malbec offers a beautiful dining experience with dark blended wood floors, low lights, and polished wood tables. The restaurant summons a sense of privacy and romance in its spacious dining rooms. A relaxing place to dine after a long day and a seductive destination for a date, the vibe is only the beginning of what Malbec has to offer.

It's the Argentinian cuisine that brings locals coming back. In Pasadena’s landscape of steakhouses, the steaks and salads you'll find at Malbec are truly superb, boasting a unique blend of spices from across the equator. Even vegans will find plenty of delicious and flavorful options on the menu.

Entre Nous French Bistro

Entre Nous French Bistro is the spot to find all of Pasadena's favorite French appetizers, entrees, and decadent desserts. Start your culinary experience with a shared charcuterie board. Then, sate your appetite with French classics such as filet mignon, bouillabaisse Marseillaise, and poulet au thyme. Last, delight your taste buds with puff pastry, cream, and powdered sugar in wonderfully artistic arrangements.

The dining experience at Entre Nous is light and airy with surprisingly minimalist decor, allowing you to focus entirely on the exquisite balance of flavors.

Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana

Those who have lived in California know that gourmet pizza is hardly a contradiction. Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana crafts the finest Neapolitan-style pizza on this side of the Sierras. Delight in garden-fresh toppings and an incredible selection of flavors. Enjoy lunchtime pizza by the slice, personalized pizzas with your family, or a giant pizza to share with friends. Each pizza is brick-fired in an oven you can see from your table.

Of course, it doesn't stop at pizza. Settebello's also serves incredibly fresh salads, charcuterie boards, and a few classic Italian appetizers that have become neighborhood favorites. Dine in this warm, popular restaurant or order takeout to enjoy your gourmet pizza on the go.

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